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Courses attended

Surgery is a constantly changing field and as a result it is important to try and keep up with the ever changing treatment options that are available. With this in mind here are some of the types of courses that we have been on.

Our ongoing training also involves online education and subscription to journals such a Veterinary Surgery and VCOT (Veterinary Orthopedics and Traumatology).

Imex Complete Course in External Skeletal Fixation 27-30 October 2017 Dallas

This course covers the use of standard and hybrid ring fixator systems for fracture repair. These systems are used for complicated fracture repairs, especially where the injury is close to a joint.

KYON PAUL/PGR Association for Veterinary Orthopedic Research and Education. July 27-29 Seattle 2018

This meeting was to discuss some of the newer treatments available to help with elbow disease and patella luxation. PAUL ( Proximal Abducting Ulnar Osteotomy) can be helpful in treating conditions such as ostechondrosis and medial compartmental elbow disease in the dog. PGR (patella groove replacement) is a very new technique that looks to replace the groove that the patella runs in with an artificial implant.

Arthrex Osteochondral resurfacing September 15-16 2018 University of Guelph

This course is focused on ways to treat cartilage damage, caused by diseases such as osteochondrosis and elbow dysplasia. It uses novel ways to repair the damaged cartilage and restore joint function.

Veterinary Orthopedic implants CBLO June 16-17 2017  Las Vegas

Cora Based Levelling Osteotomy is a new method of treating cruciate ligament injuries in dogs. It is particularly useful in young dogs where the bones haven’t fully matured.

APVC April 2005-2023 Halifax

This is the annual Atlantic Provinces Veterinary Conference held in Halifax. The topics covered include medical and surgical treatments for a variety of conditions.

Canadian Red Cross Emergency First Aid & CPR/AED Level C (Blended) 25 January 2020

All of the staff at Draper Vet are currently qualified as Emergency First Aid providors and are trained to use a defibrillator (AED) in an emergency.

Kyon Patella Groove Replacement surgery Boston November 2023

This course will allow us to offer corrective surgery for severely damaged knee joints caused by patella luxation.